Tribal Trollz is a friendly guild for Trolls, providing a social environment in which to play. There are approximately one hundred members, ranging from level one to seventy.

The guild is nominally an RP guild, but doesn't take roleplaying rules very strictly. It is not a dedicated raiding guild.Battleground players find a home with us.

The guild has a guild bank with stepped access based on rank. The tabard is black with an aboriginal symbol in white.

Guild members who are offline for three months are removed from the guild, although they are free to rejoin if they are actively playing again. Officers may be demoted after one month offline.


  • Warchief: guild leader and founder, Gnaljin.
  • Witchdoctor: this is an honour given to a female priest as the guild's senior healer. Must be above level 40. The position is currently vacant.
  • Subchief: senior officers, must be at least level 50, there is one Subchief for every three Berserkers.
  • Berserker: junior officers, must be at least level 40, there is one Berserker for every ten Headhunters.
  • Headhunter: standard rank.
  • Whelp: starting rank.

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