The Grimwolves is a casual RP-PvP guild with a few members and a lot of good times. We try to be a PvP alternative for the peacefull Greywolf Tribe, while remaining the same high standard in game experience.

This guild was formed on ScarShield Legion EU, first as a side-project of the Greywolf tribe to explore the RP-PvP ascpect of the game, now standing on its own. We only recruit people who have interest in role playing and not go killing around every red-tagged character in game. For more information you can contact Liontooth or Stubhorn.

Guild lore Edit

The Grimwolves were ones Taurens living a life of peace and tolerance as members of the well respected Greywolf Tribe. However by time they graduately felt that their lifestyle of peace and compassion was inadequate of solving tauren issues in this world. Centaurs still roam the Barrens and the crossroads were regularly attacked by greedy dwarfs. More and more they got inspired by Magatha Grimtotem's teachings until they finally shred their tabards and went a new direction. As Grimwolves they walked outside the safety of Thunder Bluff to put up their tents at tauren homeland which needed the most help. As tauren guerrillas they fight side by side committed to reclaim Kalimdor for the original races and eliminate all enemies. By time, and due to Magatha, they gained more and more respect for the forsaken, once in power of the Litch Ling, now trying to create a save harbor for their people much like themselves. Together with the forsaken the Grimwolves now fight for a better place and future!

Guild policy Edit

  • Everyone is free to join if your race is taurens or forsaken. Only warlocks and dead knights are excluded. - We will not make exceptions on this. -
  • We are a RP guild in first place and expect each member to stay IC in /say and /yell. However we are not elitists, how when and where you RP is entire up to you.
  • We try to uphold a mature PvP spirit, beyond "red is dead". You are free to attack anyone, as long as you have a valid RP reason to do so that fits into the guild lore. Feel free to help any alliance that comes along your way too, if you feel that's right.
  • Any form of verbal or physical harassment will not be tolerated, this includes intentional corpse-camping and/or grieving. Doing so will result you being guild kicked.
  • We have a strict no drama policy. Disputes between members should be talked out between them in a mature way. If you feel this is not possible, then this guild may not be for you.
  • We expect from our guild members nothing more to have fun. That's why our guild channel is out of character ;-). There is no level, gear or attunement requirement, only a positive and mature spirit.

Officers Edit

Liontooth, Elder druid 
Everything but the usual druid. Born as a Grimtotem clan member and raised as a druid, he now spends more time on his engineering then his druidism. However, he always claws kept his claws sharp, ready to tear your guts out!
Stubhorn, Elder hunter 
Once a will respected hunter, now he roams the barrens tracking down all hostile races. Enemies beware! From now on, once Ratchet is out of sight you better watch your back!

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