General Edit

Basically the Stormwind Militia roleplay guards working directly for the kingdom of Stormwind. Given the task to maintain peace in all regions of the kingdom. They are a military-based fulltime RP guild on Scarshield Legion. They do therefore fight many different enemies of the kingdom. This creates basis for many storylines and related activities.

In general they offer the following for their members:

  • Two guild meetings each week
  • One or more RP events each week
  • Possibilities for several RP encounters each day.
  • Encounters against many different kinds of enemies, PvP, PvE and in RP
  • A IC guild chat and a separate OOC chat
  • A duty system trough an addon specially made for the guild
  • A headquarter, with dedicated personnel, which creates background for peaceful RP
  • Cooperation with other guilds, which gives options for highlevel PvE
  • Official uniforms for all armor classes, buyable from their quartermasters.

Stormwind Militia forum

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