Kalimdor Outriders is a Horde guild on the RPPvP server Scarshield Legion-EU. It is a small, social, and friendly guild, consisting of around 30-40 players - for some reason mostly hunters and shamans.

Kalimdor Outriders is at present time small, but has hopes to expand and be able to participate in raids after the Burning Crusade expansion. The guild was originally intended to be a real-life friends guild, but soon expanded and started recruiting other players. Kalimdor Outriders is still recruting, and is at present time mainly looking for warriors, mages, warlocks, priests, and druids. Players of all levels are welcome, high-level characters helping out lowbies is common in the guild, but not expected of or required of high-level characters in the guild.

For further information, contact Shoggoth (guild leader), Shalhoof, or Wrrook.

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