General Edit

House of Sylvanas are a roleplaying guild on the Scarshield Legion server which accept mainly Forsaken with a few Blood elves.

Current DayEdit

The House, are currently inactive at this time.But on Defias Brotherhood. A few friends are going to Re-build the Lordaeron House of Sylvanas

History Edit

The guild serves only one purpose, which is to serve Sylvanas a.k.a. “The Dark Lady”, Queen of the Forsaken. For a long time the house consisted of Forsaken only, later on there was decided that Blood Elves, if loyal to the Queen, are also allowed.

the House of Sylvanas started as a counter guild against the House of Praetoria, a house which was opposing Sylvanas and was determined to take over control from her. Unfortunately the leader of our house suddenly disappeared and the house fall apart. Months later, Eriminia rebuilt the house assisted by Gahs. Sylvanas had a new enemy: The Council of Medivh. With the use of spying and assassinations they fought each other for months. Both the House of Praetoria and the Council of Medivh are disbanded today whilst the House of Sylvanas still prevails.

Later on Lady Erimina was killed and a desperate Gahs left this world for a unknown search, Lady Nefernefer assumed leadership.

After months Lord Gahs returned and Lady Nefernefer handed over the leadership to him. After a difficult time keeping the house alive, it started growing once again. Soon they will be ready to take on the stronger enemies of the Queen.

Lord Gahs was growing old, told old to lead the House. Gahs soon stepped down, and Lady Miriah was due to take leadership. Unfortunatly, for some mysterious reason, Lady Miriah did not turn up.. and was classed as missing. The Apothecarion, Archnazg Magnark took leadership from Lord Gahs. Gahs went into resting.

Miriah returned, and Archnazg exchanged positions with her. Soon after this, bad news came to Azeroth as Lord Gahs' time was very limited. His time was spent, he died peacefully, and a happy man in Gallow's End tavern by the side of Lady Desdimona Dunglass, Lord Archnazg Mangark and Seraphon.

The House went on as normal, for a while. The House was struck with Miriah leaving. She handed the House over to the mad Archnazg. Archnazg, knowing he could not lead, gave leadership over to the wiser Raeven Cross.. who leads the House till this very day, sided by Crypt Lord Archnazg Magnark.

The Second War with the PraetoriansEdit

During the period of Gahs dying, Miriah leaving and Raeven taking leadership the House faced a war with the House of Praetoria. The war dragged on and on, untill their leaders were weakened, with Miriah and Archnazg dealing with Sorrowhand.. who did come back, but weakened. Sorrowhand soon gave himself in, and was banished.. for a small time. He got off lightly, and many are mysterious to what acctually happened when he spoke to Sylvanas and Varimathras. Some time later, Raeven and Archnazg were in the glades, recruiting, when they came across Drakarm. Drakarm was a knight, the new leader of the Praetorians. He and Archnazg fought, they fought for what seemed like hours. Travelling all over the glades... Drakarm finally met his doom when he was slain by Archnazg.

Thus, the war was over - Praetorians were decimated and routed.

Aims of the House Edit

  • To erase all life on Azeroth.
  • To unite everyone as one race - the Forsaken.
  • To follow the will of Lady Sylvanas.
  • To bring those who seek to destroy her to an end.

Leaders Edit

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