Heritage of Zandalar (formerly Heritage of Zuljin, sometimes spelled Heritage of Zul'jin) is a troll-only roleplaying guild.


This guild is for people who enjoy roleplaying a troll. Since it is a heavy roleplaying guild, it expects the members to strictly follow the roleplaying policies and encourages them to become active roleplayers. The guildchat is in-character, while the out-of-character officerchat is avialable to everyone. The guild, although its main intetion is still makes attempts towards world PvP and PvE too, willing to co-operate with other guilds.


The Heritage of Zandalar believes in the fraternity of all trolls on Azeroth. Its aim is to create a troll nation which unites all troll tribes. It also tries to revive the forgotten tribal traditions of trolls. Because of the tribal structure it is often referred to as a tribe, although most members are unrelated to each other.

The guild used to be named after Zul'jin because he also wanted to create a troll nation, and he managed to unite various troll tribes and stop the war among them. Despite this, the guild does not agree with Zul'jin's methods and believes the trolls have to be loyal to the Horde. As a result of this, the guild was officially renamed Heritage of Zandalar, honoring the ancient tribe of the Zandalari trolls.

The guild crest depicts two golden snakes coiled around each other, which symbolize the union of the two major troll empires, the Amani and the Gurubashi.


In characterEdit

The guild homepage describes the guild's history in the following way:

Lon'-lon' time ago, da Loa Gods created da World. An' dey gave it to deir children, da trolls. Dey gave dem Mojo, to rule deir lands wid it.
Da World been savage an' unfriendly to da trolls. De Aquir, large buglike beasts roamed da land. But da trolls defeated dem, by Mojo, an' because dey were one people. Dey founded da Amani Empire in de North, an' da Gurubashi Empire in de South, an' ruled da World for centuries.
But den, da trolls started to argue among each other. Many of 'em betrayed da Loa, an' begin worshipping evil gods. Da Gurubashi Leaders been corrupted by de most evil god, Hakkar. An' when a new danger threatened da Amani Empire, da Gurubashi did not come to help 'em.
It was da Elves. Dey got magic beyond da power of Mojo. Dey destroyed da Amani Empire, an' chased da trolls into da deepest forests of 'e Hinterlands.
For four thousand years, de trolls been hidin' in da forests. Then Zul'jin came. He could convince all troll chieftains to unite all de troll tribes, an' fight de Elves of Quel'thalas. Unfortunately da Elves found strong allies: da Humans. Dey captured Zul'jin, an' threatened da trolls with killin' him unless dey give up da fight. De Orcish Horde came an' rescued Zul'jin, who made a pact wid 'em to fight de Alliance.
Da war waged on for years, until da Horde finally been defeated. Troll chieftains started blamin' Zul'jin for makin' pact with da Horde, an' exiled da few who been faithful to him.
Among da exiles been Ol' Drei'jin, Warlord of da Witherbark. He fled wid his wife Magosh an' his daughter Zaraya through whole Azeroth. Magosh died during da journey, but Drei'jin an Zaraya could make it to da Echo Isles, where dey met da Darkspear Tribe, led by Witch Doctor Sen’jin. Da Darkspears accepted da exiles as deir new membas. Zaraya married a Darkspear warrior, an’ gave birth to a child named Snicka.
Years passed. Ol’ Drei’jin told Snicka lots o’ stories ’bout Zul’jin and da heroic history of trolls, which da young troll really enjoyed. But den, something tragic happened.
From da sea, ugly fish-like creatures called murlocs emerged. Dey been servin’ some Sea Witch, an’ at her command dey attacked da Darkspear Tribe. Fortunately, da Orcish Horde came to da trolls’ help again, an’ defeated de murlocs, but great loss had already happened.
Among da murlocs’ victims were Sen’jin himself, an’ Ol’ Drei’jin, too. His last words to Snicka, before he went to battle, were these: „I might die in dis battle, but da heritage, what Zul’jin left to us, will neva’ die. Finish wot he started, Snicka. Find de trolls still faithful to him, an’ form a guild of ’em. Let our people be one again. Long live da Heritage of Zul’jin!”
Snicka listened carefully to Ol’ Drei’jin, an’ while da Darkspear Tribe joined da Horde an’ found a new home in Durotar, he started lookin’ for trolls all ’round da world to join him. His guild, Heritage of Zuljin, be faithful both to deir saviors, da Horde, an’ da memory of Zul’jin.

Out of CharacterEdit

The guild was founded on the 13th of April, 2006. It was inspired by another troll-only roleplaying guild, the New Amani Empire, which was disbanded before the founding of the Heritage. The guild originally didn't have strict roleplaying rules, but as time passed, it began to focus on roleplaying more and more. In 2007, the guild got in contact with other roleplaying guilds such as Greywolf Tribe and House of Sylvanas, and later joined the Blood Pact. The guild homepage was created on the 6th of October, 2007.

The guild was renamed to Heritage of Zandalar on the 8th of March, 2008. The renaming was celebrated by a party that was a massive roleplaying event on the 15th of March.

Notable membersEdit

  • Present:
    • Snicka (founder of the guild, Warlord)
    • Kemsha (Voodoo Master and High Priestess)
    • Umagaur (Voodoo Master and Witch Doctor)
    • Bwangoo (Primal and Beastmaster)
    • Zanick (Primal, Deputy Warlord, Assassin and Treasurer)
    • Lyranne (Blood Elf Emissary)
    • Ryleen (a mage who learned arcane arts from the elves)
    • Gando (a veteran shaman)
    • Heldra (mysterious, silent one)
    • Bersekeger (foolish troll who often makes big mistakes)
    • Jimar (a crazy voodoo priest)
  • Former:
    • Flo (The only orc ever accepted to the Heritage)
    • Senja (High Priestess)
    • Frostlight (High Priest)
    • Truscka (Berserker)
    • Barzovia (A misterious troll from the Bloodscalp tribe, labelled the Traitor and exiled from the guild)

External linksEdit

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